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Vail Office Valet Parking Instructions

Complimentary valet parking is available Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm at the hospital main entrance.

Please feel free to ask the Concierge’s at Vail Health Hospital to direct you to the 5th Floor East Wing Elevators.

If familiar with Vail Health Emergency Room area, walk past their lobby area and go towards the East Wing Tower,

on the left are 2 Elevators that will take you to the 5th floor.

Visitors can also self-park for free in the hospital parking garage on levels 1 or 2. Parking is free for patients, but please remember to bring your parking ticket

with you to the clinic for validation in-order to exit the parking garage.

After parking in the garage locate the “E” Elevator (which is located in the center of the parking garage area, not in the hospital itself), take elevator to the 5th Floor.

Once you reach the 5th floor and the elevator doors open, go to your right you will see the Colorado Mountain Medical Clinic , take a right at the CMM Clinic and

walk down the hallway a little further you will pass the 1st door to the right labeled Cardiac Rehab, take the 2nd door on the right you will see the entrance to Suite 5900 for Vail Health Clinics.(Suite 5900 is your location to check-in for your appointment with Dr. Clay Pendleton.)

To help assist you navigate the hospital, use our smartphone wayfinding tool by visiting

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